Pitch Madness!

pitch-madness-blog-hopThe novel is done, querying has begun, and I am taking part in #Pitchmadness! Woohoo!

The characters from my Paranormal short stories are now in a finished novel.  “The ghosts of the Tactical Paranormal Response Unit have turned against their handlers. They’re after a top-secret project called Orpheus, and if they are not stopped, the dead may well inherit the earth.

Ghosts! Psychics! Espionage! What’s not to love? *grins* I’m already outlining book 2, another stand-alone case file with the agents from the TPRU.  Should be fun, and will keep me from refreshing the #pitchmadness feed like a nutter ;)  Good luck to my fellow writers, and many thanks to Brenda Drake for hosting!



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