Now Available!- A new case file from the Tactical Paranormal Response Unit, “Ghost Protocol.”  Part of the World Enough and Crime anthology, by Carrick Publishing.

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“Humbug” is a humorous flashfic set in the world of Nox and Grimm, a fantasy series set in a sister dimension to our own.  Nox may be half-human, but she doesn’t really know much about her mother’s world.  That doesn’t stop her from trying to find out more though, and in this story she tries to summon one of the greater spirits — of Christmas.

This anthology contains the top stories submitted during the year to the online flash fiction community, Friday Flash.

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Excerpt from “Humbug”:

Wonderful smells wafted out of the kitchen, and since Loki had banished the food-filching hound, Grimm was now helping Nox arrange the gifts.  He stayed motionless while she stood on his back, tacking fireproof stockings to the metal chimney of the pot-bellied stove she had acquired.  She hopped down to the floor to check her work.  “Stockings hung, check. Though how a big man in a red fur suit is going to get down that pipe I can’t imagine.”

“It’s a ghost, short-stuff.”

“I hope you’re right, or we’re going to have to find the hacksaw and crowbar to pry it out.” She said. “And I’m not short, I’m petite, dammit. Puh-Teet!”

Loki poked his head out of the kitchen. “Fight nice children, or this spirit will never arrive.  It seems to have a thing for good behavior.”

Nox gave a theatrical sigh. “We’re doomed.”

Grimm just snickered, and nudged the gifts into a more pleasing arrangement.


I was thrilled to have another story chosen for the second Best of Friday Flash anthology.  “The Year King” is a bit of speculative fiction, based on a crazy little idea I had to explain life, the universe, and everything.

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Paperback only $9.99


Excerpt from “The Year King”:

“What are your views on religion, James?”

James settled back in his chair.  “Is that important for the job?” he asked, a little surprised, what with all the anti-discrimination laws.

“Yes, it could be very important.  You will have to deal with members of many different beliefs if you accept the position.”

“I’m an agnostic,” James said.  “Not an atheist, just not willing to commit to anybody else’s ideas on God.”

The man smiled, and held out his hand.  “Perfect.  You’ll want to remember that, down the road, and stick to it. No matter how persuasive the others can be…”